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“OPÓTICA was and will be a great initiation for the optics sector. The first summit laid the foundations for future summits, and I hope it will contribute to the defense, discussion, and development of the optics sector in Portugal. The optical sector needs to debate, exchange opinions, share experiences, learn about new realities, and new ways of thinking about business, understand today’s problems, and how to prepare for the future. To do this, it needs the contribution of the entire sector, from partners and suppliers to employees, trainers and consultants, entrepreneurs and investors.

In this first edition, I am delighted with the participating speakers who brought their experiences, their vision, their perspectives, and a little of the evolution of their business and activity in a clear affirmation of what can be done to grow and give sustainability to a business, initially very family-oriented, to a new, more entrepreneurial and professional nature. There were many important topics for debate on the agenda, which needed more time to be addressed and some space for contradiction and debate with the audience (which attended in large numbers). I’m sure there will be more of this in the future. 

Knowing how to listen to other people, and other ways of looking at the same issue and/or problems is always enriching in terms of preparing for the future and having a different perspective on our surroundings.

For my part, I can only thank you for inviting me, in the certainty that I left OPÓTICA with new perspectives, a better understanding of the past and the present, and some ideas for the future, strengthening the bonds provided by the contact and debates with all those who took part.

I left OPÓTICA with the certainty that it was a worthwhile event to participate in and organize. Congratulations to the entire OPÓTICA and ÓpticaPro team!”